IBL Logistica is nearly two decades offering solutions in integrated logistics, consolidating its brand in road, air and cargo distribution because the know-how acquired through its trajectory in the carriage of cargos.

With the pulverized brand over the country, ibl logística assumes the commitment in constant investments in the enhancement of its contributors, in the renewal of the fleet, acquisition of new safety equipment and investment in technology, making ibl logistica a modern and totally prepared company to provide the best quality storage, distribution and transportation services and with total safety and agility to its customers. It acts with its own and outsourcing stores in various segments of the economy, still being one of the leaders in the modal of air cargo transportation.

Integrated Management Policy

A IBL Logística direciona seus serviços de logística integrada para diversos segmentos de mercado, aplicando em suas atividades respeito, melhoria contínua e atendimento às legislações aplicáveis.

A IBL encoraja seus colaboradores e subcontratados a atuarem com responsabilidade e comprometimento com a Segurança, Saúde, Meio Ambiente e Qualidade em suas operações, mantendo um comportamento ético para atingir a satisfação e a confiança dos clientes.

Jonatas Spina Borlenghi


To offer logistics solutions with the highest quality for all modes and segments, always with safety and professionalism, contributing to the success of our customers.


To be recognized as one of the best providers of integrated logistics services in Brazil, highly competent in the application of solutions for each type of customer, with technological innovations and socio-environmental responsibility.


Always offer the best logistics service. Respect and value people, maintaining ethical behavior, integrity in business, commitment to results and determination to ensure the full satisfaction of our customers.


Headquarters // Guarulhos

  • Easy access to major destinations:
  • Ayrton Senna Highway
  • Marginal Tietê
  • Pres. Dutra Highway
  • Salim Farah Maluf Avenue Connection to Anchieta and Imigrantes
  • International Airport Guarulhos • Cumbica • 14km
  • Fernão Dias Highway
  • IBL Logistica Headquarter


Recognition for the dedication in air transportation.

JDE 2016 - Prog. Master Gold

JDE 2016

Prog. Master Gold

LATAM Cargo 2016 - Domestic Cargo

LATAM Cargo 2016

Domestic Cargo

LATAM Cargo 2016 - Partnership

Latam Cargo 2016


TAM Cargo 2015 - Domestic Cargo

TAM Cargo 2015

Domestic Cargo

GolLog 2015 - Priority Client

GolLog 2015

Priority Client

TAM Cargo 2014 - Domestic Cargo

TAM Cargo 2014

Domestic Cargo

TAM Cargo 2013 - Domestic Cargo

TAM Cargo 2013

Domestic Cargo

Sony 2012 - Recognition

Sony 2012


TAM Cargo 2011 - Domestic Cargo

TAM Cargo 2011

Domestic Cargo

Sara Lee 2008- Excellence

Sara Lee 2008


Novamérica 2008 - Recognition

Novamérica 2008


Guarulhos - Recognition